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PPC (Google Ads) FAQ's

How much does it cost?

The cost of running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is broken down into:

  1. Setup Fee
  2. Management Fee
  3. Ad Budget

Let’s say you have an advertising budget of £1,500 per month.
This Ad Budget falls within our ‘Plus’ package, so we would charge the following setup and ongoing management fees:

Setup Fee £120 (one-time fee)
Management Fee £220 (monthly cost)

Plus your Ad Budget (billed separately by Google):

Ad Budget £1,500 (monthly cost)

You can view all of our PPC (Google Ads) plans here: payperclick.co/signup

How long does it take to setup?

We’ll setup your PPC campaign within 20 days after your initial setup phone call with one of our specialists.
You will be able to schedule your initial setup phone call with us once you have signed up to a Plan and paid the setup fee.

How much will I pay 'per click' for my Ads?

Pay Per Click Ads work on an auction basis. The cost per click (CPC) that you pay Google will depend on how much competing advertisers are bidding for the keywords you want to target.

For example, let’s say your business sells widgets via an online store. You may want your Ads to be shown for the keyword “buy widgets”.
However, because this keyword receives a high volume of searches and contains the word ‘buy’ (a strong sign of intent to make a purchase), the cost per click for this keyword is high because many of your competitors are also bidding for the same keyword.
You may only wish to bid a maximum of £1.50 per click for this keyword, but your competitors may be bidding over £2.00 per click, therefore their Ad will appear in a higher position than yours.
If your bid is significantly lower than your competitors bids, your Ad may fail to show on the first page, or even fail to show at all.

For this reason, we cannot give an accurate indication of cost per click (CPC) before you run a campaign with us. However, our seasoned PPC experts will try to find the best balance for yielding maximum traffic and conversions from your available monthly Ad Budget, whilst continually optimising your keyword bids so that they’re inline with your competition to provide enough visibility, but not so high that your budget is depleted without providing enough return on investment.

Our PPC experts will use their expertise to identify slightly more niche keywords with lower costs, which still have enough search volume to provide sufficient traffic. We will also ensure your campaign is fully optimised in other ways, such as use of correct geographical targeting, ad scheduling, device-specific bidding, and other advanced tactics that decrease your average cost per click without compromising results.

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