How We Launch Your PPC Campaign

You don’t have to worry about a thing. By partnering with us, we’ll handle the rest to bring qualified traffic to your website, resulting in more calls, leads and sales for your business.

Step 1

Keyword Research & Analysis

We identify opportunities and make the most of your ad budget by determining the best keywords to target.

Step 2

Build The PPC Campaign

Our PPC specialists will set up the campaign and recommend the best approach based on data gathered during our keyword research and analysis.

Step 3

Launch Your PPC Ads

We’ll launch your campaign on the Google Ads platform on your behalf, ensuring best use of all features such as Ad Extensions (Call, Location, etc.).

Step 4

Monitoring Traffic & CTR

It’s not an effective campaign without proof of results. We continually optimise your campaign and report performance.
Reach The Top Of Google Instantly
Gain instant visibility on the first page of Google search results and only pay for clicks received.*

*plus our management fee

clicks to customers
Turn More Google Ads Clicks Into Customers
Increase leads and gain new customers with our results-focused Google Ads management & monthly optimisation.
geo targeting
Be Seen Only In Locations You Serve
Limit your Ads to Google searches in your locations. Geo-target by Country, City/Town, Postcode or even radius.
ad scheduling
Ads That Run On Your Schedule
Only take calls on weekdays between noon and 3pm? No problem! We’ll manage a custom schedule for your Ads.