Choosing the right PPC agency can feel like a huge task but this guide is here to help you through the process, making it easier to find an agency that fits your needs.

Did you know that businesses spent over $10 billion on PPC advertising in 2017? This mind blowing number shows how much companies value paid search ads.

Every year, the money spent on global PPC channels keeps going up, so this figure is likely to be much higher today – but for now, this is the most recent data available (thanks, Google).

So what does this tell us? Advertisers are always looking for ways to get their products in front of more people, and it’s clear from these numbers they’re willing to pay the likes of Google, Microsoft and Meta a whole lot of money to do so.

This isn’t slowing down anytime soon either. With more people shopping and exploring content online than ever, businesses are diving deep into their pockets to invest in PPC strategies that stand out from the competition.

So yeah, if you’re wondering where marketers are putting their money to catch your eye these days? Look no further than those ads popping up in your search results or your social media feeds.

Where to find PPC agencies

Hunting for the right PPC agency can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not—directory listings and review sites are treasure maps leading you to golden picks, while a nudge from someone who’s been there and done that (yes, personal recommendations) can be your secret compass.

Directory listings & review sites

Finding the right PPC agency might feel like a daunting task. Yet, directory listings and review sites make this task much easier. Think of these platforms as giant billboards showcasing top-notch agencies, such as Neil Patel Digital, Loud Mouth Media, Stryde, KlientBoost, and Directive Consulting.

These names pop up often because people love their work — and they’re not shy about saying so online.

These websites are goldmines for honest feedback from customers who’ve been there and done that. Plus, seeing Neil Patel’s name among the highly recommended spots adds a cherry on top.

After all, getting accolades from someone recognised as a top influencer is no small feat! So yes, digging through these directories can give you more than just names; it offers peace of mind that your future partner has already won over crowds before you’ve even dialed their number.

Personal recommendation

Asking friends or colleagues works wonders if you’re after a PPC agency. They might have the scoop on who’s top-notch. For instance, Neil Patel Digital is ace for handling multiple channels, while Loud Mouth Media shines as the best small outfit in the UK.

If your shop lives online, Stryde knows how to boost eCommerce and B2C businesses. Want your landing pages to look sharp? KlientBoost has got you covered with top-tier designs and management.

Chatting with others in your circle can also clue you into agencies that click with what you value. It’s like getting a shortcut through the digital marketing jungle—straight to those who know their stuff about pay-per-click magic and making ads that actually work hard for your cash.

What makes a great PPC agency?

A great PPC agency knows how to turn numbers and data into stories of success. They’re wizards with keywords, always finding the right magic words that connect you with your crowd.

Valuing data, analytics, and results

Choosing the right PPC agency means picking one that loves data, analytics, and getting great results. Good ones dive deep into numbers to understand what works and what doesn’t. They use performance metrics, online marketing skills, and a bit of magic (okay, not really magic—more like super-smart analysis) to turn clicks into customers.

These agencies don’t just throw ads out there; they craft campaigns based on solid data. This approach ensures money spent on pay-per-click advertising actually brings in more money by attracting paying customers.

Their secret sauce? A blend of strategic partnerships with big names like Google and Microsoft, mixed with their expertise in search engine optimisation and social media advertising (and maybe even a little conversion rate optimisation know-how, just for good measure).

It’s all about making sure your ads show up at the right place and time to get noticed by potential customers who are ready to buy. With their focus on data-driven decisions, these agencies help create powerful customer experiences that lead to real business growth.

Next up: why superb keyword research practices can make or break your PPC campaign success.

Superb keyword research practices

Moving from the importance of data and analytics, let’s talk about keywords. Great PPC agencies know how to find the perfect words. They use tools and their brains to pick words that people search for.

This means your ads appear right when someone needs them.

A top-notch agency doesn’t just guess which words work best. No, they dig deep into data to see trends and what competitors are doing. By understanding what folks type into Google, they craft campaigns that really speak to your audience—making sure your message hits home every time.

Strategic partnerships and first-party data sources

Great PPC agencies have strong connections with search engines and other digital platforms. Think Google, Microsoft, or Facebook as partners. This means they know the inside scoop on what works best online.

They use this special knowledge to help your ads do better.

These agencies also have their own data, which they gather from software or services they’ve created. For example, NP Digital has tools that collect useful information for making your campaigns smarter and more focused on what customers want.

This mix of inside info and personal data makes a powerful tool in getting your message across the web effectively.

Accreditation from Google, Microsoft & other platforms

Loud Mouth Media and KlientBoost show us something crucial – being a partner with big names like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook is a big deal. It means they’ve got the thumbs up from some of the biggest players in the game.

This isn’t just about having a shiny badge on their website; it’s proof they know their stuff. They have passed tests, met high standards, and now have special access to benefits that can help your campaigns shine.

This kind of accreditation supports trust. Think about it.. Would you rather go with someone who’s been given the nod by industry giants or take a chance on an unknown? These partnerships aren’t easy to get.

Agencies must keep proving themselves through expertise in management and advertising skills across channels. So, if an agency has these accreditations, you know they’ve earned their stripes in conquering digital marketing challenges.

Now, let’s talk about knowing your local area next..

Knowledge of local search

A great PPC agency knows all about local search. They get how smartphones change the game. Most people use their phones to find nearby shops or services. So, if your ads can show up in these searches, you’re golden.

Agencies use things like geotargeting to make this happen. They make sure your ads hit the spot, whether someone’s looking for a coffee shop on their mobile or browsing at home from their laptop.

They also tap into local listings and search ads that are all about your area. This means when users are searching for something nearby, your business pops up first. Smart, right? It’s like planting a signpost on the internet that guides them straight to you.

With more clicks from mobiles than ever before, mastering local search isn’t just nice—it’s necessary.

How to choose the right agency for you

First things first — get clear on what you really want and check if their vibe matches yours.

Understand your goals and desired outcomes

Knowing what you want to achieve is the first step. It’s key to have clear goals and outcomes in mind before chatting with a PPC agency.

This way, you can check if they get what you’re trying to achieve and can really help.

Think about what success looks like for you. Is it about getting more clicks on your ads? Or maybe seeing more people buy from your online shop? Once you’re clear on this, finding an agency that matches up with your vision becomes much simpler.

They should be eager to understand your aims and show how they’ll make them happen.

Do they share your values?

Choosing the right PPC agency means finding one that shares your values. You want a team that gets excited about data, analytics, and performance results—just like you do. They should see eye to eye with you on how important local and mobile advertising is for your business and have a strong grasp of what matters to your audience.

It’s like picking teammates for a game; they need to play by the same rules and aim for the same goals as you.

A great agency also brings something extra to the table – they don’t just talk about customer satisfaction, they show it through clear data from past campaigns.

Questions to ask when evaluating PPC agencies

You need an agency partner who gets you and can deliver those oh-so-important results. So, here’s a handy list of questions to grill them with:

  1. “What’s your process for choosing keywords?” Find out how they pick the keywords that will get your ads in front of the right eyes. They should talk about using cool tools and looking at data, not just guessing.
  2. “Can you show me some mobile – specific results?” Since everyone’s glued to their phones, seeing how they’ve nailed campaigns on mobile is key.
  3. “How do you make sure ads look good on both desktop and mobile?” Ads that look fab on a big screen and a small one are what you’re after. They should have clever tricks up their sleeves for both.
  4. “What kind of collaboration do we expect?” It’s like picking a dance partner – you need to know if they’re going to vibe with you, or just step on your toes.
  5. “How do you track and share results?” You don’t just want numbers thrown at you; you want insights—why something worked (or didn’t) and what they’ll do next.
  6. “What makes you excited about our project?” Okay, this might sound a bit fluffy, but passion counts for a lot! If they’re not into it, why should you be?
  7. “How do you stay ahead of PPC trends?” The digital world moves fast. They should be eager beavers about learning and adapting to change.

Each answer gives a glimpse into whether this PPC agency is the right fit for your team – after all, it’s all about getting those clicks in the smartest way possible!

Working with a new agency partner

Starting with a new PPC agency is like beginning a fresh adventure – exciting and full of possibilities. Get ready to see your goals turning into reality! But once you’ve chosen a partner, how do you keep things sweet?

Setting clear goals and expectations

You need to talk straight with your PPC agency about what you want from your next campaign. Clear goals like more clicks, better brand recognition, or selling a pile of that product no one knows about yet are key.

Tell them everything – even the bits you think aren’t important. Those numbers from past flops and wins? Gold dust for planning what’s next.

Lay it all out—objectives, targets, outcomes, the whole lot. Not just “we wanna sell more” but how much more and by when. It makes sure everyone’s on the same page from day one. And please, keep those lines open; this is a two-way chat where both sides should be buzzing with updates and ideas.

Adding qualified leads, selling specific products, increasing visitors to a landing page, or building brand awareness

After setting clear goals, it’s time to focus on results. This means getting more people who might buy something from you, showing them products they’ll want, bringing more of them to your website, or making sure more people know about your brand.

A good PPC agency doesn’t just throw ads out there and hope for the best. They use smart strategies like targeting specific types of customers and optimising web pages so visitors are more likely to take action.

Whether it’s someone signing up for emails or buying a product, every click counts towards growing your business and making your brand stand out. Your agency should be ready to put in the work so you can see real results – like more leads turning into sales and lots of new eyes on your brand.


Choosing the right PPC agency feels like a bit of a juggling act, doesn’t it? You’ve got to balance budgets, goals, and gut feelings all at once. The key is finding an agency that gets you – your business, your niche, and your aspirations.

They should be data wizards, keyword ninjas, and have enough badges from Google and friends to make a scout jealous. So go ahead – ask the tough questions, demand transparency and most importantly trust your instincts.

After all, it’s not just about clicks; it’s about finding a partner in growth. Happy hunting!


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